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Whao nice job ladys [Oct. 27th, 2005|01:11 am]
[mood |cheerfulContent]

That was quite a trick I will applaude you for that.
I admit, I had underestimated both of you...which was a mistake on my part..trust me it will not happen again.

But just to update.

My account has been hacked. OH NOES!!

and yes this is not coral typing, but me.....Mark?? haha yes mark....I like it.

and yes please feel free to leave messages for ma gain please. nobody had left any last time and it was quite upsetting.
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the floor i couldn't fall below [Oct. 25th, 2005|10:17 pm]
[mood |crushedcrushed]
[theme song |fiona apple]

well its officially the end of an era
a 7 month long era

i know its probably best for me
but i wish i was dead.
i have nothing to fall back on
i am officially completly and totally alone

i don't know what to do.
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domestic goddesss...i am fully aware i partially ripped off a book name [Oct. 19th, 2005|02:42 pm]
[mood |cheerfuli wish domestic was an icon]
[theme song |Live it out- Metric]

i'm bored
fortunetly i plans this evening
death would come to me

i'm starting to get relatively tan-ish
meaning i don't look invisible if i wear a white shirt
and as of right now
not invisible
and am indeed wearing white (who ever would have thought? me wear white?)

anyway i feel very domestic
i just made a loaf of bread
from scratch
and its beautiful
my life is going to the dogs eh?

anyways, more news!
uh.....maybe not
i went to a hockey game last night
i froze
i totally thought i was gonna die
even with my super awesome green coat with fur trim and grande vanilla latte
yes. i am a starbucks junkie
i cannot help myself!
i cannot help myself with a lot of things
such as buying mulitple seasons of sex and the city (which i did indeed do yesterday)
and other stuff

i need a haircut my hair is looking..dull
and not up to par
the color is looking nice but the cut is starting to die
then again it has been an awefully long time
i'll go back to crap salon secrets next week just because chris works there
why oh why did he downgrade? Botticelli rocked
i need to do sumthing with myself
its been like 24 hours since i've put on make up (shocking!!!)
i should do that

ok 24 hours was a huge exaggeration
but it feeels that long

i'm off
my hair is embarassing me
and i'm alone
i need to do sumthing to it


i sound totally pathetic
yet i totally enjoy it.
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wedding bells [Oct. 16th, 2005|10:37 am]
[mood |groggygroggy]
[theme song |Fortress- Pinback]

so the wedding yesterday was somewhat entertaining
most of the ceremony was indeed in french
whatever though
chantal looked so gorgeous
i almost started crying when she walked down the aisle
i am no crier
i thought it rather weird
so then i came home between the wedding and the reception
now we all know i love having a reason to get ludacrisly dressed up
oh i went far and beyond
the reception was long
i swear. there were no young people
it was like..me, my sister, some roudy slightly older people with cowboy hats
and ugly fat girlfriends?
i dunno
after the reception i went and got allison
and basically i fell asleep
felt kinda bad
but i was tired
it was a long stressful day
and i was uncomfortabl for about 3/4 of the wedding

anyways i'm pretty sure i'm not getting outof bed today
well thats probably a lie
my parents are in Fargo picking up the new snowmobile, which more of less means jack
so yea bed it is unless i can find some one to watch movies with me alllll damn day
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2005|09:51 am]
[mood |enragedfamily.]
[theme song |Secret- Maroon 5]

i am so sick of paying for everything in my fucking house
seriously because i have a job and dislike asking my parents for help when it comes to buying things when i do ask for it its like i'm asking for the world
but if its my sister then they as well just empty their pockets out for her

last weeks was the funeral, of course breanne needed new shoes and new pants for the funeral
this week is the wedding, so she needed a plethera of new necklaces and new a couple of new shirts
oh yes and a corsety thing to look good in her outfit
and apparently through out the week mom bought breanne a few random things she wanted like movies etc

anyways, so last week for the funeral, i of course already had something to wear, the wedding is another story
i already had a shirt to wear, but mom told me i had to go buy a skirt for myself
i did so
i also bought myself new shoes
and she told me i should get my hair done
this morning i went and asked her if i could have her card to help me out with paying for my hair
she made a very clear no, and left the house

so yes, i means its not a huge deal or anything, but its like i pay for absolutly everything and inbetween
i mean i ask for one thing for the first time since i dunno asking for like groceries or something (i mean i do live at home, but occasionally i pay for those too, or at least i did over hte last two months)

it drives me insane
its not like my family is struggling for money
mom bought herself a full suit, and a couple shirts
dad got a new suit jacket and a leather jacket and breanne got her new shirt and corsety thing for the wedding yesterday
thats one day
thats like $400, if not more
and tomorrow dad gets his new snowmobile
but you know, whatever
its like a shocker for my to ask for mom to pay for my hair for the wedding

im coming on going broke cause i have to have money for school in january, so its look like i have to go back to the lake to work cuse i don't start my new job for another two weeks
and the lake is cold! and boring! and i cannot deal
i wsh my dad was home
i would make a slight offhand comment
it wouldn;t make any difference i would still be paying for it, but he would say something to make me feel better
whatever, im just gonna get really hammered tonite and drown my anger in alcohol

im off to get my hair done
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city living [Oct. 13th, 2005|07:13 pm]
[mood |pissed offsiblings]
[theme song |Golddigger]


i've been home for a record breaking 3 days
tuesday i did "errands"
i got my naild done
bought tanning minutes
went to teh gym
and went to a hockey game
it was fun
and cold
yesterdy i literally shopped all day
bought a very Sarah Jessica Parker skirt for the wedding this weekend
found a huge alligator purse thing and a really nice black vneck
today i really didn;t know what to do so i got up
went tanning and then to the gym, came home showered and decided to go "venturing" around town
i ended up at Tommy Hilifgure where i proceeded tp buy a pair of black tweed stilletos and quite possibily the best pair of black pants i have ever seen/tried on/owned
then i went to Jigsaw down Corydon, found little, tried to find this coffee shop owned by my friends dad down Academy, gave up and came home
and then i had a nap
oh life has become so stressful haha
anyways since i am burning through money i may head back to the lake next week for one final week
its a plan
but bleh

ugh my idiot sister just came into my room looking for perfume
i do not have it
she thinks i do
i told her
"go look in my closet, just go, its not there, but look anyway"
and mom was rooting through my closet for a nice sweater for her
i have many
i refuse to lend them outn to her because
1) i will nevr get it back i.e. like my FOX hoodie that i had to literally steal out ofher closet about 6 months
2) i will not get into that


i'm off
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the havoc snow plays with ones life [Oct. 5th, 2005|10:41 pm]
[mood |boredbored]
[theme song |i didn't steal you're boyfriend Ashlee Simpson]

the snow came today. thats fabulous
five hundred dollars worth of new tires came today as well
also. quite fabulous.
i didn't go to the lake this morning..called them and told them of my tire issues
don;t intend to go tomorrow either
mother won;t let me drive tee hee
i'm happy to say the least
means many things can and will happen tomorrow
i will sleep in
do a mass overhaul of my room
get to see the boy

lets see
this coming weekend should be much fun
kels is down
ster is down(if we can tear him away from his crack whore-TRUE FACT)
and alan..who i still have not entirely forgiven is down as well
there will be a party
i'm assuming the crack whore will be there
kels and i will more than likely somehow draw attention to ourselves
most likely by saying obscene and lesbian like things
as we always do
other than that..i will work
and pack up all my shit
and then come back home
and have two weeks to do jack shit before my next job starts
meaning i have two weeks to live at teh gym
i cannot wait. i really miss the gym.
soon after..it'll be Gwen Stefani..and then soon after that it'll be my 18th bitch!
bar stardom here i come
oh how life will change. i cannot wait. haha

anyways my head hurts and i'm bored
sleep it is

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cafe updates [Sep. 30th, 2005|05:06 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[theme song |cafe music?]

sitting in a cafe in kenora
with green tea
its awesome
kels comes out tonite and we'lre going to see four brothers cause i love that movie
this week..i did very little. i bought some stuff at the salon in kenora
i feel swindeled being as i spent a lot more money than i should have on very little
i'm feeling particularily...wealthy?
dude i am ridiculous
anyways i get to go home for good in 10 days
three months later finally
gawd damn
living with people again will be weird
its been like..me and sterling for hte last few weeks
pretty boring
except last night we watched Dave Chappelle and it was awesome
except we both fell asleep half way through
that kinda sucked cause i missed the end
shit. i just realized..ugh
i have to drive home monday for a funeral
and i don't want to put more gas in my car that will be gone in like 2 hours
but i care not
pinewood has become quite lurative now that its only me

i need aerosmith tickets
and should order some tickets for world juniors and book my flight to vancouver for hte games
me and mallio are gonna go
at least she better
anyway i'm gonna..finsih reading my emails and such
i'm out

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last week [Sep. 23rd, 2005|07:36 pm]
[mood |crankymy head hurts]
[theme song |none]

ok dude. last wednesday was definetly like the best day....ever
it was amazing fun
anyways i got up pretty early that day
got up, cleaned up the house a bit cause mom was coming home
mom came home and she was tired so i like..sat around a bit
eventually i went to the bank, then woke up amanda at home and told her we were going shopping
originally to find Juicy Couture on Taylor
we gave up on that quickly
instead we went to Polo where we found very little and were both quite tired
we did the whole Second Cup thing and then left the mall
we headed for St Vital where we again found little
i had to go grocery shopping for mom, amanda was to tired to come with me so i took her home
i told her she had to go to matts with me that night and she said we'll see, cause she was deciding whether or not
to go to the bar
so anyway, i went grocery shopping, which i find profoundly fun, but before i could do that i went to Old Navy where i almost bought some stuff, but got
mad at the long line there so i went back to St. Vital, and went to Garage and bought some shit there, then on my way out i stopped at Starbucks and got this
crazy shaken Green Tea Lemonade, that was truly amazing
after that i went to Sobeys and did the groceries
then home, where i realized i forgot a bunch of stuff, so i went back to Safeway
when i got home i called amanda to see if she was coming with me
she still didn't know
so i went online, like 20 mins late amanda came online and i asked her what she was wearing tonite to matts, assuming she was coming
she answered me
so yea
clearly she was coming
so anyway
we got ready and i picked her up and we headed to matts
on the way there both of us were like weary of what tonite could be like
we decided if it sucked, we'd leave like ASAP.
anyway when we got there, only matt was there and it was actually not at all awkward
soon his buddies were back
Tyler, british guy (jake?) and this other one
we were kinda like oh god..what if they are all ugly
we first saw the other one and good lord
but then tyler and this other guy with like a million tattoos and piercings walked in, so we figured we were ok
eventually jake showed up
good lord.
so gorgeous
and british
haha amanda and i were in our glory
so yea for the first few hours it was like totally fun, we went to the Vendor is Matts gorgeous escalade and then er...we sat around? ahha we listened to really ludacrisly loud music and
then listened to tylers hilarious stories and hilariously funny laugh
it was awesome
then we watched the Up in Smoke Tour
some stuff happened
then we watched Dave Scheppel and it was hilarious
oh lord
so funny
yea that was pretty much it
tyler was hilarious
my lord
the stories he had
they were great
hte other guys were like always in the computer room, but matt and tyler hung around
some other guys showd up through the night
two of them SUPER shady
we got the "hey ladies" where manda and i like could barely contain our laughter
we soon learned that one of them was the biggest crack dealer in manitoba and he was part of the italian mafia?
who knew there was an italian mafia in winnipeg
so yea
the night was awesomely fun
i definetly got the third degree from the fam for coming home so late
tey made some assumptions about what happened
but whatever
it was awesome.
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wonderful evenings [Sep. 14th, 2005|09:03 am]
[mood |mellowmellow]
[theme song |when the night feels my song]

so i just took a phone call for my dads company
and horror or horrors
a woman actually asked me if i was an answering machine?
what kind of question is that?
how can you expect an answer out of that
my lord
the people that call here

so my dad just called as well
moms coming home today
after a week in the hospital
she feels better, but feels naseaus when she eats
so yea..not much eating will occur?

so today amanda and i are gonna go and try to find this new Juicy Couture Store that opened in winnipeg
slightly excited
and nervous for my wallet
although i did get paid yesterday
lovly lovely paychecks
how i love thee

last night amanda and i went and got cheesecake from Baked Expectations
we parked further down Osbourn and then walked there
of course, being it Osbourn, we saw Roy
i kinda sorta had plans with him, but he's leaving with work for Thompson today so he was packing all night
so yea then we had to stop by my grandparents because my grandpa was leaving for California this morning because my aunts liver is failing, so yea....thats awesome. dad would have gone too but moms too sick
my family sounds awesomely healthy

what else
this past weekend was kinda low key since we had two really awesome weeknds beforehand.
there was te kegger in the city at sterlings in which i left in a heated rage with kels
and hten the following weekend thee was the lake kegger where kels and i had an amazing time
i spent most of the night being keg girl with lindsay
surrounded by these 5 guys
dave and some friends
i met dave a couple times last summer
he doesn't remember
but last summer was different haha
yea i was so ready to go home with dave
but he got into a fight, and left in a rage(i.e thrown out) while i was out finding more liquor
what a shame
i saw him the next day at breakfast at pinewood..we all needed hang over food haha
so much to my dismay there was literally like 6 girls at this kegger
and i will admit
kels and i looked damn good
anyway i seriously had like 4 drinks poured down te front of my shirt in efforts to make me take it off
it was lovely
seriously. by the end of the night there was more alcohol on my clothes than in my system
sad..yet entertaining
oh such a good party
near the end it got a little sketchy cause this 6'10 guy was following me around and he tried to seduce me on the beach
it was gross
and i was yelling for sterling and alan
alan and matt came
matt was like my night in shining armour, but i think he would do anything that night cause i let him feel one of my boobs at some point in the evening
they made 6'10 leave me alone

anyway i should get ready
clean up my room a bit
or sumthing
so later
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